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Roofer in Hilversum

Your allround roofer in Hilversum is Dakcentrale Nederland B.V.. We are delighted to welcome you to our website. There is no roofing problem we say "no" to. You can call us for:

  • roof leakage
  • roof repairing
  • roof maintenance
  • roof replacement

We provide you with all information on the different subjects. Feel free to contact our roofer in Hilversum if you have any question concerning your roof. We are available at 085 - 106 15 69.

More about us

All our roofers in Hilversum are qualified specialists and will fix any problem, may it be in a flat roof or any other type of roof. All our roofers are specialist that deliver quality. We make sure of that by offering a learning environment and being up to date with respect to The costs for for example fixing a leakage or repairing a gutter can vary depending on the type of roof and the materials to replace or fix them with. We can provide you with a price indication.

Roof leakage

It is best to contact our roofer in Hilversum as soon as you discover a roof leakage in your ceiling. Our roofer will make sure to limit the damage to your house by repairing the leakage as fast as he can. Check the possibilities of compensation for repairing the damage. This is the purpose of an insurance.

Roof repair

Hopeless about your roof? Do you have a broken gutter, blown off roofing tiles or other issues with your roof because of a storm? Our roofer in Hilversum discards you of your worries. We have many years of experience in roof repair and know all the ins and outs of all types of roofs. We will not leave you with your broken roof. Do you have a question about repairing your roof? Make sure to give us a call or send a message.

Roof insulation

Roof insulation is a very good choice considering the fact that it lowers your expenses on gas and your comfort of living in the house increases. All type of roofs can be insulated. Trust our roofer in Hilversum. He will isolate your roof in an instant. You can choose to insulate the inside of your roof, the outside of your roof, your dormer windows or the ceiling of your house.

Contact our roofer in Hilversum

Too many troubles with your roof? The roofer of Dakcentrale Nederland B.V. relieves you of your worries. We only work with the best materials and make sure your problem is fixed, preferably the same day. Do you want to make an appointment or ask for a quotation? Feel free to call us at 085 - 106 15 69 or get a free quote.

roofer Hilversum
Pannendak repareren Hilversum

Dakcentrale Nederland B.V. is werkzaam in Hilversum en gevestigd in Zutphen.

Met spoed een dakdekker nodig? Dakcentrale Nederland B.V. staat voor u klaar! Bel vandaag nog.

Over dakdekkersbedrijf Dakcentrale Nederland B.V.

Dakcentrale Nederland is een echt familiebedrijf. Inmiddels wordt ons dakdekkersbedrijf gerund door de derde generatie dak specialisten. Wij leveren een totaal concept dakdiensten. Zet Dakcentrale Nederland in voor alle dak werkzaamheden. Denk hierbij aan dak reparatie, dak- en gevel reiniging, dak renovatie en het verhelpen van dak lekkage. We kunnen alles aanpakken, van schoorsteen, tot dak, tot gevel. Dakcentrale Nederland werkt voor particulieren, maar ook voor bedrijven en overheden

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Vestigingsinformatie Dakcentrale Nederland B.V.

Vestigingslocatie: De Stoven 12, 7206 AX Zutphen

Telefoon: 085 - 106 15 69

KvK: 78478774


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